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The Links Page

Welcome to the Links page! Just to explain, I have *attempted* to categorize the following links as
So off we go....

Home Pages

James and Amy's Homepage - Some real good friends of ours! Check out the doings of the Moreland Family, 'specially Conner!

Ryan's Homepage - OH NO! Beavis is running rampant on the 'net! I can bet that HotDamn100 is NOT a place he visits! (Inside Joke!)

The Church Of Lryical Content - This is what lyrics are all about! Listen to the wisdom that can be gathered simply by giving songs a closer look!

Jeremy Bateman's Home Page - This is a home page run by one of my good friends.. We play a little roleplaying game called VAMPIRE:The Masquarade every so often and this explains a lot about it. Some great links related to WhiteWolf games as well!

Cap'n Crash's Home Page! - A must see! A good friend of mine who attended SEMO. He ran the college alt. rock station KMXQ A.K.A. THE EDGE!

Kathleen's Home Page - Yes, ANOTHER Southeast friend of mine, who has her own digs at GeoCities. Lots of cool history links, fiction links, and the such. (X-files stuff can be found here as well as in Beth's page!

Beth's Home Page! - Yet another SEMO alumnae who's obviously ready for the funny farm. Why? Because she's going to MORE school. (Grad school, bleeeech!)

Bob Clubbs' Home Page! - Another friend of mine from Southeast, small page, but the CONF archives he has of his old conference stompin' grounds includes some of my ramblings as well as something for ALL! I'm sure there's some young David Cronenberg's in there somewhere!

Mike's Home Page - A friend of mine in Marissa. He's got some interesting links, check them out... IF YOU DARE (BWA HA HA HA HA!)

Computer Game Links

Counter-Strike - This is the biggest mod for Half-Life there is. Beware: You WILL become addicted to it's gameplay. If you have Half-Life, consider getting this one, plus it's still FREE!

COFR - This is a group of older people that game. They run a lot of Counter-Strike servers that are password-protected but lemme tell you, there's a lot better teamwork on these servers than out there in the public games. Great bunch of guys and gals! Check them out.

Hostile Intent - A soon to be Counter-Strike genre game, but probably a little more realistic and more team-oriented....

Voodoo Extreme - Great gaming news site. Guarenteed to crack you up with the way it's written!

MAME Roms - MAME-related site, with some downloadables.

Dave's Classic Games - Check out this Classic Arcade Game page, there are some goodies here, (read: Emulators! (MAME))

3D Realms - The company that made Duke Nukem 3D! They tend to rule.

Blue's News Excellent Quake II / 3D Game site, with plenty of news and nuggets on all the newest 3D games, includes some tidbits on the new Quake III Arena

Action Quake II - A totally kickass Quake II mod, it has all the look and feel of playing in an action movie! It's worth the download and the installation! Check it out!

Internet Sites

Google - My new favorite search engine. Less Signal to noise ratio - Here's a site that will give you plenty of software (usually either shareware, freeware, or demos) that maybe you've been looking for! Whatever you want, they may have!

Yahoo! - This is one of the better of the bazilion and one Internet Search engines out there.

Deja News - For those of you interested in keeping up on the latest Newsgroups, this is the place! (alt.hacking's a pretty interesting place...)

Stuff! Stuff! Stuff!

Winamp - This is what you audiophiles/computer geeks want! A fully functional MPEG-3 Player! And it also plays .wav and CD's to boot! Download the latest version here!

The Big 550 KTRS - Home of Frank O'Pinion and The LARGE Morning Show in the Afternoon! I'm proud to say I AM A.M. IN THE P.M.!

The Bob & Tom Show! - I listen to these guys on my local radio station on my commute to work... These guys are REAL funny!

K-SHE 95 FM - That's the radio station I listen to for Bob & Tom and they have RealAudio on their Website! Hmmm. I wonder what's playing now??....

This Week In Marissa - Wanna keep up with Marissa's local happenings? This is the place where everyone on the Web can keep tabs on my humble hamlet!

SIUE's Homepage - My brother's college, nice place...Wish I would have gone there....

SEMO's Homepage - Yeah, they want you to call it Southeast Missouri State University (my alma mater), but I'm a rebel!

Mr. T Throughout American History - Here's one for the Conspiracy Theorists out there! Man, the things you learn from the Internet!

RSPN SouthPark Zone - Check out this great South Park page. It's also got great links to other South Park websites!