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Picture Page!

Here's a couple of my old high school friends, and it makes me doubt that we are all completely mentally sound after going through Marissa Jr./Sr. High...

This is (From left to right) Frank, my brother Brad, and Ben "I'd eat a dog biscuit" Petot... We're at X-Treme Paintball in Mascoutah, IL. Our mission was fun, and when we're driveing, action rides shotgun! (or was it in the trunk?)

This is Matt and Linda again, you've probably seen other pics of them at the other site, but this one's better. They were married this last summer and good friends of ours (I met them at SEMO) which kinda segues into the next picture...

Wanna see the Towers dorms from SEMO? How about from a satellite. Yes, big brother IS watching you my friend! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!

Ohh, can't forget the dorm that made me the weirdo I am today! Cheney Hall! Give it up!

What about the human being that is personally responsible for turning me into a Role-Playing bad-ass? (yeah right.) This man, Seth Murphy, and if you see him, tell him to get in touch! Pronto!

And now, I present to you my latest digital manipulation! Click here! Behold and you'll see what happened when we got all my friends together on HOLLYWOOD SQUARES! Woo HOO!