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Picture Page!

Seth, Where have you gone? Oh well, anyways, here from L to R is Sharon, Seth, and the little guy on the right, MADBomber(Jeremy). They are enjoying the best console the late 70's to early 80's had to offer.... ATARI! (A rousing game of Combat!, to boot!)

My brother again, and when he's in the pilot's seat, ACTION rides shotgun! Give'em a thumbs up!

I know he's all into Vampire:The Masquarade and all, but this is gettin' positively rediculous.. Sitting in the sun, I hope that things empty.. ugh.

Oh great, Ryan's throwin' things again... An oldie that I dug out of the box. Now he can't say I put up pictures of him anymore...

Another InSaNE MoMenT In HiSToRy (that never really happened...)
This week, MADBomber tries out to be a Gap Singer!